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standard reservation

0 - 16 Guests

Reserved table for your group

Standard à la carte dining

Drinks with bar tab or cash bar

Games available for $10/30 min

Free to Reserve

Semi-Private event

10 - 30 Guests

500sqft ‘indoor backyard’ semi-private dining section

Buffet dining, or pre-order your food from our menu

Drinks with bar tab, co-pay or drinks tickets

One included games lane & add more for $10/30 min

$100/3 hours Reservation Fee
+$39/guest for food & drinks
+20% Gratuity

Private event

30 - 120 Guests

Completely private access to our entire 2000sqft facility + 1500sqft patio in the summer

Customisable buffet dining to match your number of guests

Drinks with bar tab, co-pay or drinks tickets

Unlimited access to all four of our games lanes + beer-pong & cornhole.

Mon-Thur: $300/5 hours
Fri-Sun: $1000/5 hours
+$39/guest for food & drinks
+20% Gratuity

Reservations outside of our normal opening hours are available at no extra cost.

Booking for more than 120 guests?

Include Archery Games & Room Escape Ottawa for a full facility takeover! Give your guests access to games of combat archery, challenging escape rooms as well as the food, drinks and games at Playback. 


Your guests can order directly from our full menu.

A la Carte

Semi-private bookings only.

Send your guests our menu and have everyone choose a main & side. Send us your full order, including any dietary requirements, at least one week before your event.

This option accounts for $23 of your $39/guest cost, but does not need to be exact to that value. 

Pre-order From the Menu

Semi-private & Private bookings only. 

Buffet Dining


Falafel sandwich, Pulled pork, Buttermilk fried chicken, and Cheeseburger Sliders.


Blackened potato salad, Tomato cucumber salad, Chili and Mac 'n cheese


Baked goods platter with Cheesecake bites, Brownies, and Mini churros.

Pop & coffee are included free of charge.

We can make adjustments to suit dietary restrictions. For Private events, small customisations can be made based on your group’s needs. 

This option accounts for $23 of your $39/guest cost.


For standard reservations only.

Your guests can purchase their own drinks at the bar.

Cash Bar

For standard reservations, you can leave a credit card behind the bar and set a limit for your guests.

For Semi-Private & Private events, The remaining $16 of your $39/guest cost can be allocated to a bar tab. You can either cap the bar-spend at this value or offer a higher value with a credit card on file. 

Bar Tab


Drinks Tickets

For semi-private & private events only.

We will provide two drinks tickets to each guest which have a value of $8 each. This is the fairest way to make sure your guests all get an even number of drinks. Additional drinks tickets can be provided for $8/guest.

These tickets would be redeemable for a 6oz house red or white wine, a can, a bottle or glass of beer, a 1oz rail or a two ingredient cocktail (ie rum and coke).

This option accounts for the remaining $16 of your $39/guest cost. 

Extend your bar tab & offset your costs by asking your guests to contribute $1-2 to each drink. This works in conjunction with a limited or unlimited bar tab.


From small groups looking for somewhere fun after their visit to Room Escape or Archery Games, all the way up to 120 person corporate events, Playback can host it all! We have the perfect setting for events of all sizes, with food, drinks & games for your guests, all tailored to your group's needs.

Our team has years of experience hosting birthday parties, corporate events, holiday parties, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and many more, so you can trust us to make your event a success. 

Playback is unable to offer private events at this time.

1860 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON,

K1R 5T1

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Opening Hours:

Open 7 Days A Week:

4pm - 12am

Private events are available outside of these hours.

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