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Add More To Your Party!

Reserve our party tables & order food to enjoy after your activity.

Available for kids parties at Archery Games & Room Escape Ottawa only.

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Please note, the pizza add-on is only available for bookings with at least 48 hours notice and no-later than 31 days in advance.

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Step 2 - Party Tables & Food Packages

Choose between reserving a party table for free (1 large table per group) OR a party food package and a table for $60 per package

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Reserve A Table & Order Food

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Each party food package contains:

1 Large Cheese Pizza, 16 Chicken Fingers, 2 Large Fries, Cut Veggies & 2 Pitchers of Pop.

Each package typically feeds 8 guests. Maximum 3 orders per group.

Additional Amount To Pay On The Day: $0.00 +HST

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